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Schal aus Schafwolle, nachtblau

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Schal aus 100% Schafwolle - Made in Mongolia

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    Our colorful neck warmer

    This 100% sheep wool scarf will keep your neck wonderfully warm in freezing cold and snow storms. The scarf in the style of the Half-Fisherman's knit pattern fits comfortably and gives your outfit a strong hue.

    Product features

    Our beautiful scarves made of sheep's wool are available in various bright colors similar to the assortment of socks. We are gradually expanding the range.


    Wool textiles can be washed less frequently, often airing out is sufficient. If necessary, gently wash by hand in lukewarm water. Shampoo can be used as a cleaning agent. To dry, place between towels and lay flat. Do not wring out or place in dryer.

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