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Socken aus Schafwolle, steingrau

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Wollsocken aus 70% Schafwolle, 20% Viskose, 6% Elasthan und 4% Nylon - Made in Mongolia.

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Small socks for big adventures

These beautiful sheep wool socks fit perfectly, are durable and are perfect for long winter walks and, of course, cuddly sessions at home.

Sheep wool is more robust, compared to camel and yak wool, and can therefore be worn more easily in everyday life. At the same time, sheep wool has all the good qualities that characterize wool products. Whether on your couch or on Kilimanjaro, they make sure that your feet stay warm.

Product properties

How warm?

How robust?

How soft?

Our beautiful socks made of sheep wool are available in different bright colors, as well as in light gray or anthracite. In everyday life we wear them in sneakers with jeans or classically in boots.

Our sheep wool socks are also recommended for for wearing in shoes due to their good durability. If you are on the road for several days, you can simply air the socks in between and then put them on again. However, the nature of wool also means that even sheep's wool will eventually wear through - durability like that of synthetic fiber products can therefore not be guaranteed.

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