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Stirnband aus Yakwolle, yakbraun

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Stirnband aus 100% Yakwolle - Made in Mongolia.

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    Stirnbänder aus Yakwolle – „der modische Klassiker“

    The classic headbands are made of pure yak wool and are therefore particularly warm and soft without scratching. The headbands are very fine, but double knitted.

    Product properties

    Yak wool is difficult to dye. Therefore, yak wool products are available only in the beautiful natural colors of the yaks - light gray and dark brown.


    In general, woolen textiles should be washed less frequently than synthetic or cotton products - it often helps to air them out. You can wash them carefully by hand in lukewarm water without any problems. If necessary, normal shampoo can be used as a detergent. To dry them, it is best to place them between two towels and gently squeeze them. Then let them dry lying down, so that they do not wear out. Under no circumstances should you wring out the products or put them in the dryer.

    Tipp: If the headbands stretch a little, it helps to wash them as described above - even without shampoo. This will help them return to their original shape.

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