What is special about your socks?

Our socks are made of cozy, warm wool, fit perfectly to the feet and keep them reliably warm - without being smelly. You will hardly find better socks 😊

How do I wash your products?

Basically, our wool products may be washed less, because often it already helps to air them out. More info about washing can be found in our care instructions .

What is the difference between camel wool, yak wool and sheep wool?

Different animals produce different types of wool. Sheep, camel and yak wool differ in the fineness and length of their individual hairs.
Yak wool has the finest and longest fibers. It can be recognized by its fine, almost cashmere-like feel, which makes yak wool products our favorite cuddly partners.
Camel wool is somewhere between yak and sheep wool in terms of fiber thickness - though camels are simply the cutest animals.
Sheep wool is characterized by thick fibers, which give it a robustness that qualifies sheep wool socks especially as all-rounders.
Only white wool can be dyed at all - that's why we only offer colorful sheep wool socks. The beige-brown camel wool products and the light gray-dark brown yak wool products, on the other hand, are only available in their beautiful natural colors.

How durable are your socks?

Wool is a natural product and therefore more susceptible to friction than, for example, synthetic fiber. The following applies: The finer the wool and the stronger the friction, the faster holes appear. While sheep wool products are comparatively robust, yak wool is the finest of our wool types and therefore also the most sensitive to friction.
Therefore, it is best to read the application area of the socks on the respective product page before wearing them.
To make our sheep and camel wool socks more durable, we blend the fibers fabric with viscose from bamboo fiber and abrasion-resistant nylon.
Small tip: Pull thin sneaker socks made of cotton under the socks. So the socks last longer and need to be washed less often - airing is then often sufficient.

Are your products produced sustainably?

Products that you buy at steppenstrolch are produced sustainably. What this means for us you can see on our sustainability page.

Why wool from Mongolia?

Yak and camel wool is one of the most precious types of wool in the world. Because yaks and camels require a special climate and large grazing areas, there are only a few places where they can be kept in a species-appropriate manner. One of these places is Mongolia, where they roam in the vastness of the steppe without being confined by fences. For generations, animals and nomads have lived there in harmony with each other, securing each other's livelihoods. But for many nomads the hard, but also varied life in the steppe is no longer profitable enough and they increasingly give up this traditional way of livestock farming.
Our goal is to make the special Mongolian wool known and popular again and thus to support the species-appropriate husbandry of the animals, the continued existence of nomadism and the Mongolian economy. Therefore, it is important to us that from the extraction of the wool to the manufacturing of the products, nomads and producers are paid fairly and that the entire value creation remains in Mongolia.

Under what conditions are your products manufactured?

An important question! Therefore, we have created a separate page for this: Our Producers

I would like to learn more about Mongolia! How do I do that?

You've come to the right place. You can find more information on Instagram, for example.If you have further questions about Mongolia, feel free to contact us! Maybe you can travel with us to the nomadic families in the vast steppes of the Mongolian desert.

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