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Camel wool socks, beige & brown
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Wool socks made of 72% camel wool, 18% viscose (from bamboo fibre) and 10% spandex - Made in Mongolia.

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Material: Camel wool
Colour: beige & brown
Wearing note: Cuddly socks worn at home

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Cuddly camel wool socks - ideal for at home

Our wonderfully fluffy socks made from high-quality camel wool fit perfectly and guarantee warm feet - on the sofa, in the home office or by the fireplace.

Durability & care instructions

Camel wool socks are somewhat more sensitive to friction, for example in shoes, and are therefore particularly suitable as cosy socks for at home.

Our types of wool and their properties
Here you can find out more about our Wool in comparison.

The stylish answer to cold feet

Keep your feet warm and happy with the comfort of woollen socks from steppenstrolch. Discover the world of colours of our classics.

All socks at a glance

Three pairs of woollen socks made from camel wool

The journey and the quality of our wool

A camel stands on a dune with its mouth open

A life in the steppe

Camels roam freely through the Mongolian steppe. Their wool is incredibly warm and falls out in summer. At this time, they are shorn by their nomads.

Close-up of camel wool

Wool that adapts

The warm, fluffy wool of camels is breathable, cosy and very well tolerated by allergy sufferers. Camel wool is also non-scratchy.

A man and a woman examine woollen products

A common attention to detail

Our clothing is produced in Mongolia using machines and finishing touches. We pay attention to high-quality and fair production, where the added value remains in the country.

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